Amy Shandy

D20 School Board

Advocate. Growth Mindset. Leader.

Election day is Tuesday, November 7, 2023

As a parent of two D20 graduates, Amy Shandy is committed to increasing her investment in our children’s future by running for Academy District 20 School Board. Amy brings a much-needed fresh perspective, drive for results, and keen focus on academic growth and excellence. The primary function of the D20 school district is to educate students on knowledge, skills, and character for post-secondary success. The most recent CMAS scores (2022) reflect that 39% of all D20 students are not proficient in language arts (reading) and 53% are not proficient in math. These findings are startling and provide a huge opportunity. As a courageous leader with proven results, Amy’s commitment to academic achievement, parental rights, and our special needs community will propel D20 students to reach their full potential.

Amy’s Pledge

Students must be the focus of every school system. It seems obvious that students should be the hero of the story; however, our society has allowed mediocracy, “politicized” teachers unions, and woke agendas to distract from the core focus of student outcomes. Amy was a successful business owner because she cut through the clutter and inspired a large team to focus on a singular mission; partner with parents and help every child reach their full potential. Amy will bring this same mission-driven leadership to Academy District 20. Specifically, Amy will:


  1. Create an environment where all student needs are met with kindness, respect, and a growth mindset
  2. Listen and partner with D20 students, parents, and staff while encouraging a culture of excellence
  3. Set clear priorities, align resources, and monitor progress on student outcomes
  4. Be fiscally responsible along with creative problem solving
  5. Share results and be accountable to the D20 community

Please join Amy in stopping the cultural drift and returning D20 to an education system focused on student outcomes and academic excellence.

Vote Amy Shandy for D20.