Academic Achievement

Amy is committed to fostering a culture of excellence throughout the entire organization (district) that focuses on continuous improvement, student outcomes, and fundamental academics where all students are equally important. Cultivating a culture of excellence begins with courage. It took courage for Amy to build a comprehensive and centralized business model for patients focused on pediatric outpatient therapies. It will take that same courage to strengthen D20’s focus knowing “student outcomes don’t change until adult behaviors change.” (AJ Crabill, Great on Their Behalf).

One area Amy is interested in exploring is the teacher and support staff compensation model. She recognizes the importance and correlation of D20 attracting and retaining the best teachers to support elevated academic achievement. Despite being the fastest growing school district in the area, D20 is falling behind surrounding districts in compensation. Amy’s recruiting strengths, creative problem solving, and experience leading an award-winning organization will bring valuable skills to the D20 School Board.

Parental Rights

Parents are every child’s first and lifelong teacher. Parent engagement and accountability are directly correlated to students’ success. Amy led the Shandy Clinic successfully by partnering with families and other professionals to serve her patient’s best interest. This took humility, trust, and communication. Those same positive attributes are needed to create transparency between the school and what they are teaching, and the parents who have the right to know. Your child does not belong to the government. Amy will support proactive school and curriculum transparency, active parent involvement, and a process to ensure the content being taught reflects community values.

Special Education Advocate

Amy spent her entire professional career as a speech-language pathologist assessing, evaluating, and creating plans of care for patients and their families, as well as advocating for resources and services both in the educational setting and private sector. She is very knowledgeable of and well connected within the Special Education community. Amy is committed to understanding the current SPED gaps, creative problem solving, and aligning resources to fulfill the services federally required for students on IEPs and 504s in D20. These students cannot be left behind.